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Abu Dhabi is a very modern city and means Father of gazelle.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of Abu Dhabi and one of the 7 United Arab Emirates. It's an peninsula in the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi is the most westernized Arab city because of it's high income and fast development and urbanization. The city is the centre of politics, industrial activities, culture and commerce. Abu Dhabi invested in financial services and tourism to modify it's economy.


First settlements started about 5000 years ago, people were fishermen and nomadic herds, later they also became camel herding, pearl diving and dade, vegetable cultivators.


Abu Dhabi has a hot and dry climate with average temperatures above the 35 °C in summer and above the 28 °C. In summer sandstorms occur, in some cases reducing visibility down to a few meters.

Abu Dhabi has over 20 well-maintained parks and gardens and more than 10 km public beaches.

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